May 29, 2012

sugarSNAP - My bag is no longer a black hole

Before having kids several of us were serious handbag connoisseurs.  Sure, they make cute diaper bags these days - you can't go anywhere without spotting a Petunia Pickle Bottom.   But let's be honest - there is nothing like your pre-baby handbags.

Most of us put those gorgeous bags aside in the name of functionality and bought the diaper bags with lots of pockets thinking they would help us stay organized. For the most part, they didn't.  Just because they had lots of pockets didn't mean that they kept us organized.  In fact, all those unlabeled pockets had us searching even longer for the items we were looking for!

If we calculated the amount of time spent searching for keys, pacifiers, hand sanitizer and diaper cream we'd probably cry at the result.  So when we were introduced to sugarSNAP files by celebrity baby trend expert Rachel Florio it was like our handbag prayers had been answered. 

sugarSNAP files are a brilliant set of zip up mesh files that attach together with a sturdy ring system.   Their purpose is to organize your endless stuff so you can forget about it and enjoy your time with your kids.

There are different files for:

Lotions + Potions  for sunscreen, hand sanitizer, baby lotion
Me + Mine for mom essentials like spare cash, gum, a pen, keys, chapstick, advil
Diapers + Wipes  for your changing essentials, we added a swim diaper for Summer too
Shirts + Socks for that spare change of clothes you KNOW your child will need.
Snacks + Supplies for teethers, little toys (we put a Doodle Pro in) , granola bars, fruit leathers

You get the idea - a place for everything and no more sifting through your bag for your keys while clutching a crying baby or searching for your "panic button" toys while your kids loudly entertain the rest of the restaurant when eating out.

We are now so organized that those diaper bags have been relegated to our closets and we broke out those super cute handbags we carried before our lives were taken over by our children.

We love that we can also swap our handbags from day to day as we choose and never worry about forgetting to transfer over items because  who hasn't found themselves in the dreaded  diaper but no wipes scenario? 

sugarSNAP files are without question the most helpful to mom product we have come across so far and you know we see a lot of baby and kid related products every day!

Our friends Tarah and Stacy over at sugarSNAP have given us a special discount to share with you so you can take control of your bag.  Just enter Mommytesters2012 at checkout and you will get 20% off your own set right here: Purchase sugarSNAP Filess

We're also excited to tell you that soon the ladies over at sugarSNAP will be releasing their Car-Go system soon.  Car-Go gives everything you might want to keep in your car trunk a home in a similar fashion to their handbag file system- we can't wait!

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