May 24, 2012

Safe Sippy 2 - Ditch the Plastic

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Have you ever actually drank from one of those plastic sippy cups?  We had been buying BPA free from the start but if you go ahead and take a swig of your little one's BPA free water cup you can probably taste a nasty, plastic taste.

You can imagine how grossed out and mommy shamed we were when we discovered this.   We were hesitant to buy those expensive stainless steel sippy cups since most of them don't offer a variety of stages in which they can be used....not any more! 

The Safe Sippy 2 from Kid Basix is the only stainless steel sippy we have come across to offer multi stage use.

When your child is younger you can use it as a sippy cup with the leak proof sippy valve.  The detachable orange double handle makes it easy to hold for tiny tots and the dust cap keeps that spout from coming in contact with all the fun dirt and germs that make their way into your diaper bag or handbag.  

When your baby gets a little older you can switch to the straw adapter and it functions like a regular straw cup.  You can also remove the handles if you like -but our kids wanted to keep them on.  The colorful sleeve keeps your child's hands from getting chilly since the stainless steel does a fabulous job of keeping cold drinks extra super cold!

We love that the Safe Sippy 2 will last years because of its sturdy construction and adaptable capabilities, we also think the $14.95 retail price is very fair given the length of use and peace of mind it provides us knowing our kids won't be drinking plastic tainted beverages any longer.

Kid Basix sent us a Safe Sippy 2 to test out and our toddler tester fell so in love with it that we had to order more.  These cups have become our "one and only" for our kids and should be for yours too! You can get your own Safe Sippy 2 here: Safe Sippy 2

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