May 17, 2012

Safari Ltd Toys - Small but Mighty!

You know you are doing something right when your toddler can identify a wombat, a platypus and a tapir without hesitation. Impressive right?  While we would love to steal the credit for these acts of animal genius we have to give credit where it is due.

About a year ago we picked up a few of Safari Ltd's TOOBs and our kids fell in love with them.  Their miniature collectible figurines are just the right size for small people to examine, line up, ask questions about and take absolutely everywhere. 

They come in a huge variety of animals and themes to suit any child's obsession of the moment or long term interests.  Some of our favorites are the Rainforest TOOB, Land Down Under TOOB, and Farm Mega TOOB.

Our kids play with them at home, in the car and they make fantastic restaurant entertainment toys.  We love that while they are playing they are learning all about the different animals, where they live and asking questions about what they eat.  At about $11 a tube we don't mind indulging them in new ones to bring on a trip or as a reward for a great report at a parent teacher conference. 
We were excited when the folks at Safari Ltd. let us know about their new Safariology collection of products like the Life Cycle items.  They are similar in size to the figurines from their TOOBs but they take learning to the next level and illustrate the various stages of life for sea turtles, green bean plants, monarch butterflies, frogs and honey bees.

Safari Ltd sent us the Life Cycle of a Green Bean Plant set to test out with our kids and their timing could not have been more perfect.  We had just planted seeds for a window garden and had tenacious preschoolers wanting to know what was happening with their newly planted beans.

The Safari Ltd set was a fantastic tool to explain to our kids what was going on underneath the soil during those agonizing days of waiting.  We talked about the different stages the bean plant would go through and they were able to have touchable, realistic visuals for the planted seed, germination, a seedling and a mature plant. Not to mention they have now added the word germination to their ever growing vocabularies!

We think the TOOBs and Life Cycle sets make awesome under the radar teaching tools to keep your child's brain active throughout the Summer as well as the rest of the year.  You can find them on Safari Ltd.'s site for $8.99 here: Safariology Life Cycle
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