May 31, 2012

PottyCover - Your Public Restroom Savior

Nobody likes a public restroom.  That's pretty much a fact - even more so when you are toting around little kids who have neither the concept nor the height to perform "the hover" and avoid the unspeakable germs and who even knows what else that lurks on public toilets.

Even using the paper seat covers that some places provide, our kids were still exposed to the toilet when their legs would drag along the edges and nine out of ten times the paper covers would rip mid-use.

We're getting grossed out just thinking about it! We truly thought there was no better answer out there than the paper and pray method. That is until we found PottyCover .

PottyCover is obviously a seat cover but what makes it about a thousand times better than those economy paper covers is that it has 2 layers - 1 fabric and one a plastic liner to provide a waterproof barrier between your child and that nasty toilet.

We love that PottyCover has a large front flap that drapes down over the front of the toilet to keep your child's legs and clothes from touching the toilet.  It also has longer side flaps since little kids almost always hold onto the sides of the toilet to keep their balance.

Each PottyCover comes individually wrapped and folds up to a very compact little size so you can keep several in your bag without taking up much space at all.  You can find them in packs of 6 on Amazon for $5.99 right here: Purchase PottyCover

Trust us, you'll be singing their praise the next time you encounter an off the charts disgusting public restroom in your travels!

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