May 21, 2012

Modular Construction Toys

We are constantly on the hunt for new and interesting finds so when we spotted Modular Construction Toys and were sent the 3D Race Track Kit   and the Modular Cars Set to review our Kid Testers were pretty excited.  Gone are the days of being confined by rectangular bricks and track sets that only offer a few setup options.  Modular Construction Toys offers lots of different permutations to maximize creativity and challenge your little one's brain.

One lesson we have learned the hard way over the years is that before you present a construction style toy like this to an eager group of kids is that if time allows you should do an adult dry run to make sure that a degree in engineering is not required to put it together.  We find that this lets you discover any fatal flaws or missing parts beforehand.

So we did just that and following the instructions for a simple setup it went together in about 5 minutes including putting on the decal stickers.

What makes Modular Construction Toys different from some other construction toys we have seen in the past are its patented connectors.  While other brands force you to snap pieces together with lots of pressure and finger pinching these come with flexible plastic connectors that glide into the track pieces easily but stay put.  A 6 year old can easily put them together but a 4 year old will need some help the first few times.

Overall the track pieces are lightweight yet durable and very flexible.  At first we were worried they would be flimsy but actually they bend to accommodate kids who do not play very gently with their toys (we don't know any of those) but won't just shatter or break easily.

Beyond the tracks, the Modular Cars Set offers 8 cars that can be mixed and matched to your child's liking and they assemble every aspect of them from the wheels up.  We like that these also allow far more creativity and building permutations compared to other race track or building sets.

Our kids played with these for quite a while and were more than a bit miffed when they were told it was time to put them away for the night.  We mommies like that they are made in Israel under very stringent manufacturing standards and can't wait for the Summer 2012 release of the fortresses, castles and characters all of which are fully compatible with the racetracks.

The  3D Race Track Kit and the Modular Cars Set retail for $49.99 and $19.99 respectively - you can find them at Toys R Us and here: 3D Race Track Kit, Modular Cars Set

To be kept in the loop about future products you can follow Modular toys on Facebook here: Modular Construction Toys

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