May 25, 2012

Let's Go To The Farmers' Market

We've got a little Saturday morning ritual. We take some of the kid testers out to breakfast as a group and then we all go to the local farmers market to pick up fresh strawberries, avocados, pastas and flowers.  We love that we get super fresh local and organic food there and our kids love the buzz and excitement of an open air market.

lets go to the farmers market review kids farmers marketWhile it's fun for all, sometimes it feels like herding sheep trying to keep them together while we pick the best produce.  We were browsing the shelves of our favorite local toy store Geppetto's when we discovered Let's Go to the Farmers' Market and it has become an adorable tool to up the educational value of our local farmers' market and keep our kids busy so we can get our shopping done.

Let's Go to the Farmers' Market consists of:

- 1 super cute reusable tote that packs up into a little strawberry (obviously a highlight)
-a book about farming, the seasons of different foods and how to pick the best produce
-activity cards for things to conduct scavenger hunts for things like various root vegetables, items that start with a certain letter, citrus fruits etc
-a pad for shopping lists to write items on and check them off

lets go to the farmers market review kids farmers marketAll kids love manning a list and being in charge of it so the pad was a winner from the start.  Our little ones enjoyed having their own special missions from the activity cards while shopping and they provided an excellent distraction from bickering, strawberry squishing and just generally running amok.

We mommies in turn were able to grab the things we needed while following along in the pursuit of finding 4 different types of potatoes.  We even got our kids to help carry some of the lighter items using their new found "magic" strawberry.

Let's Go to the Farmers' Market retails for $14.99 and makes a fantastic gift to teach kids about healthy eating. If you live in San Diego you can find it at your local Geppetto's.  If not it's available on right here: Let's Go to the Farmers' Market

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