May 9, 2012

Kidz Gear Headphones

We are not big believers in letting kids become TV and video game vegetables.  Exception - long airplane rides.  It's our last resort of course, but realistically there are only so many things you can do on a 5-15 hour flight to pass the time while keeping your kids quiet and confined to a space that most adults can't handle.

When the drawing, tiny toy and travel game playing has run its course you will want to have a pair of awesome headphones at your disposal.  Our favorite are the Kidz Gear Headphones

These were not the first or second kinds of headphones we tried, but they are the best ones we found for little kids.  First we tried another brand that makes a suite of electronics for small children and even with the volume at the highest setting we could barely hear the sound at all.  That was sitting in our living room, forget being on an airplane with engine noise. 

Then we tried a pair with licensed characters on them that had a reasonable volume range but were complete junk as far as quality and durability.
Finally we found  Kidz Gear Headphones and now we tell everyone we know to just buy these from the get go. 

Kidz Gear Headphones are for ages 2 and up.  They are over headphones so they are not very compact, however they are made for tiny heads so they are still considerably smaller than an adult pair.  They have a full range of size adjustment so that we could fit them on a 2 year old's head comfortably as well as some of our Mommy Testers.  Most headphones that are advertised for kids really don't fit for those under 5 and constantly have to be repositioned on their ears - not these ones!

Kidz Gear Headphones are designed to make sure that your child cannot accidentally blast the volume, causing ear damage.  However unlike the first pair we mentioned, there is enough adjustment to allow you to ensure that the volume will be loud enough to hear the audio whether it's softer spoken audio books or action movies.

We found them to be both comfy and sturdy.  There is ample padding around the ears and the headband part flexes and handles abuse pretty well.  They were comfortable enough to have one of our Kid Testers nap on the plane while wearing them to avoid being woken up by beverage services and crying babies.  They also survived  a lot of being tossed around and carelessly squished into carry on bags and have survived for many flights.

Kidz Gear Headphones retail for about $20 and for years of use we think that's a bargain.  You can find them here: Kidz Gear Headphones

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