May 1, 2012

JJ Cole Diaper Caddy, A Road Trip Must Have

In the first couple of years of our babies lives some of us flew a lot, some didn't at all.  However, most of us did plenty of weekend road trips to visit friends and family, especially the grandparents.

Diaper bags work for a day trip, but unless you are that over the top organized type-A mom (and who is on 3 hours of sleep) they are not ideal for overnight or weekend stays.

jjcole diaper caddy, travel diaper storage, jjcole review The JJ Cole Diaper Caddy is fantastic because it iscompact, sturdy and has a designated place for everything to effectively organize enough supplies to get you through a long weekend. 

There is an included waterproof changing pad, a spot to hold a bunch of diapers in their upright and most compact position, a place for a full container of wipes and a pull out drawer that we used to hold a tube of diaper cream, a nail clipper, Boogie Wipes (which rock) , a thermometer  and some baby lotion.  Whenever we were making overnight or weekend trips we just loaded this up and popped it in the trunk. 

jjcole diaper caddy, travel diaper storage, jjcole review If you have an SUV or a car with an open trunk area then the JJ Cole Diaper Caddy makes the perfect permanent mobile changing station and trust us, you will want one of those for all of the moments where you will have just arrived or departed your destination only to find that your baby has an explosive diaper. 

What about after diapers?

When your child finally outgrows diapers the diaper caddy becomes a great art caddy.  We used it to put markers and crayons in the wipes spot, paper and stickers in the diaper section and safety scissors, glue and tape in the little drawer.  The JJ Cole Diaper Caddy is a piece of baby gear that will last well beyond the baby stage and we love that!

You can find the JJ Cole Diaper Caddy in 4 different colors - blue, pink, green and cocoa for about $30 right here:  JJ Cole Diaper Caddy

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