May 2, 2012

Diaper Wars? Get Yourself Some Armor!

Here is a little secret that most of us wish we had known before we had our babies…

You know that plush fuzzy cover your purchased to keep your changing pad all comfy and cozy?  It’s about to go to major battle against the forces of your baby’s cute little butt. 

We thought that by having 3 of them we were so ahead of the game and could have one on the changing table, one in the wash and a spare just in case.  Man were we wrong! Somehow, we were never told that you can go through 3 of those changing pad covers in just one afternoon.   So we are here to tell you and make sure you do not find yourself in that same situation.

It took several weeks of this changing pad cover insanity before we discovered Disposable Multi Use Pads from Munchkin and Babies R Us.  We put them on top of the plush cover for the changing pad and they got us through some seriously yucky situations.  They are thin (packable) but pretty absorbent and fantastic for catching those mid-change mishaps.

Post destruction by our babies bottoms we just folded them up and tossed them in the diaper pail.   It was a dramatic improvement upon trying to scrub standard changing pad covers clean at 2 in the morning!

They are also great for traveling and we still feel incredibly grateful and clever whipping one of these out  in public restrooms at restaurants and malls, covering that nasty changing table and being able to toss it without having to think about sanitizing a portable changing pad before allowing it to mingle with the rest of the contents of our diaper bags. 

We found the Babies R Us Especially for Baby brand and the Munchkin brand to be very comparable, but beware, there are other brands out there that do not stack up to these and just won't get the job done!

You can find the Munckin version here: Munchkin Disposable Multi Use Pads and the Babies R Us version here: Especially for Baby Multi Use Pads 

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