May 14, 2012

Benbat GoVinci - Backpack, Gallery, Table

We love multifunctional innovative items.  Who doesn't?  So when we were sent a Benbat GoVinci toddler backpack to review we were pretty impressed with how well thought out it seemed.

The star feature is the GoVinci's art display that allows your child to insert a drawing they have made into the frame on the backpack to show off their artistic skills and express themselves.

Rather than going out and buying a backpack with a new licensed character every time your child changes their mind as to who is cool you can go print or buy some coloring pages of that character and let them color and display them

This alone would make for a cool backpack but there are other features we love as well.  The GoVinci has a sturdy yet soft and comfortable body.  It provides a little more protection to the contents than a normal nylon backpack would so when your child drops it on the floor as they walk in the door you don't have to worry that their Leappad or DS is going to break.

The GoVinci has comfortable straps and some adorable ears to add to its kiddie appeal.  Unlike most toddler backpacks the GoVinci has some nice organizational features like pockets for crayons or markers, paper and a place to put a lunch or some paperback books and a cuddly plush friend to travel with.  The only functional negative we could find is that because the GoVinci is a rectangular shape it can be tough for toddlers to zip the zippers by themselves until they get the hang of it.

Our favorite travel feature on the GoVinci is that it becomes a study yet safe and soft table for toddlers.  If you are on an airplane most toddlers cannot reach the tray table when buckled in.  We were able to use the GoVinci as a surface to draw, make Play-Doh creations on and eat lunch on top of.  Our Toddler Tester then  loaded a masterpiece into the display and proudly wore her GoVinci to baggage claim.

The fun didn't stop there.  The GoVinci became her little art studio when visiting relatives.  We were able to print additional coloring pages from the Benbat website which fit the backpack frame perfectly and she loved them!

You can find the ergonomic version of the GoVinci backpack (the one we tested)  at Toys R for $34.99 or there is a more economical nylon version available for $24.99 here GoVinci.
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