May 23, 2012

Bambino Toy Bags - Buh-Bye Plastic Baggies

bambino toy bags, mesh toy bags, eco friendly storage bags, kids toy storage Do your kids gravitate towards toys that have tons of pieces?  Ours sure do!  So what's the best way to store those toys that have lots of small pieces but are often on the go?

We used to default to reclosable plastic bags but hated all the waste created when after a couple of outings they developed holes and wound up in the garbage -not to mention their plasticy chemical smell.  Then we found Bambino Toy Bags and now we will be kissing our plastic baggies goodbye forever!

bambino toy bags, mesh toy bags, eco friendly storage bags, kids toy storageBambino Toy Bags are high quality mesh bags with sturdy zipper closures, laminated cotton ends and a little carrying handle.

They are so cute that our kids were eager to use them to store their tiny treasures  and durable enough to handle the constant dropping, tossing, and aggressive opening that tends to happen when little fingers are involved. 

We used one of the bags they sent us to pack up some toys to take to a pool party and it was great to be able to shake them off after use, toss them in the bag while still a little damp and not worry about them growing mold since the mesh allows them to finish drying.

We've got oodles of the amazing play food from Plan Toys (highly recommended) and we never have enough places in our Kid Tester toy kitchen to store it all.  We used Bambino Toy Bags to hold the overflow from the kitchen and these bags had no problem supporting the heavy weight of it.

We mentioned that these bags are a more Eco-friendly approach to using plastic baggies.  They are also  Phtalate free, made in the USA and machine washable...which just may be our favorite thing about them!  At 12.5" square they are generously sized to hold a ton of toys and come in sets of three (green or pink) for $19.99

You can purchase them directly here: Bambino Toy Bags

Just for our readers Bambino Toy Bags is giving free shipping (yippee!) with your order when you use the code FREESHIP at checkout. 

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