May 7, 2012

Airplane Bound? Diaper Buds To The Rescue

Aside from endless patience and the ability to creatively entertain  in confined spaces the most important skill when traveling with babies and small children is the ability to cram all of their necessities into one small bag that can fit under the seat in front of you...and we swear that under seat space just keeps getting smaller!

By the time you pack the diapers, changes of clothes, snacks, travel toys and blankies in your bag there will be no room at all left for whatever you as a parent might need.  While several of us consider ourselves expert packers this is a problem that continues to plague us flight after flight.  So when we were asked to review DiaperBuds we were shocked, delighted and furious all at the same time.

Shocked because how? How did we not know about these until now??? Delighted because they will help us reclaim some of that bag to fit a Kindle in so should our children actually sleep we might be able to entertain ourselves.  Furious because had we known about these sooner we would have been fiercely loyal customers, used them on every trip and spread the word to everyone we know.

So, let us tell you about DiaperBudsDiaperBuds are just like normal diapers except they are individually vacuum packed to be far less bulky than the ones you have been shoving in your bag.  Not only are they more compact but their packaging makes them impervious to dirt, sippy cup spills and the chronic diaper expansion that plagues our diaper bags and takes over.

Whenever someone sends us a product to review we probably look at more critically than we might if we bought it ourselves because we feel a responsibility to give you good information.  So we decided to put DiaperBuds to the ultimate test.  We used our sample as a night diaper to see if the quality would stand up to higher end brands we would normally purchase.

Much to our delight we can only report good things.  DiaperBuds survived the night leak free (though quite full!) and the velcro tabs stood up to being put on a couple of times when dealing with a wiggly child.  The sizing was true to the normal size we would buy and they did not have the dizzying perfumy scents that some brands have which drive us crazy.

Basically, they were awesome and we will be purchasing them for future travel.  They are great for everyday on the go situations as well. We'd love to have them in our purses, diaper bags and glove compartments.

DiaperBuds are another great mom invented product.  They are available at Buy Buy Baby,, and right here:  DiaperBuds

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