June 21, 2012

Zoku - Lightning Fast Popsicles

We're all looking for ways to battle the Summer heat and here is our favorite fun way to do so!  The Zoku has been a staple in our homes for a while now but it is surprising how many people have never heard of it! 
Making popsicles back when we were kids was fun but it required HOURS of waiting for them to freeze and getting lectured for opening the freezer countless times to check their progress....boo!

The Zoku changes all of that.  You freeze the actual unit ahead of time.  Be sure to do this before you reveal to your kids that you plan to make these treats because it needs to sit overnight.  

Once the  base is frozen you can use fresh juice and fruit to create all kinds of healthy and fun ice pops.  You insert the sticks, pour juice up to the fill line and stick it back in the freezer for 7 - yes just 7 minutes..which is enough time to get the kids to do a chore (faster than you have ever seen it done before) and voila - you have ready to eat popsicles without all the added sugars and chemicals of store bought ones.

Removing the pops is relatively easy if you read the instructions.  You screw the orange "Super Tool" into the popsicle sticks until they start to pull out of the mold and then you just lift up and unscrew the tool.  An 8 year old can probably do this alone but a 4 year old will need some help. 

Feeling extra creative like one of our Mommy Testers who puts the rest of us to shame constantly?  There are several accessory options out there to enhance the experience.  Like the Zoku Tools set which lets you insert fillings, add fruit shapes and create multi-colored pops.

There is even a Character Kit for creating super hero, animal and people pops.  For those of you who are creatively impaired in the kitchen (like this Mommy Tester) Zoku has created a Recipe Book that even Martha Stewart would have to give props to!

The Zoku and any of the accessories make an awesome hostess gift if you are visiting a friend with children.  It makes a summer day so much better and provides lots of fun when the kids are off from school for those long months!

It is definitely more pricey than your traditional popsicle sets at about $49.99 but for amount of use it gets we think it is an item to splurge on.  Think about how happy you will be when your kids are eating fresh strawberry pops instead of ice cream for dessert!

You can find the Zoku , the Character Kit , The Zoku Tools and Recipe Book right here:  Zoku  Character Kit  Zoku Tools  Recipe Book
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