April 11, 2012

STUCK - Book Review

You know when your child chooses THAT book - the book you just dread reading because it makes you feel like you  might lose your last bit of sanity?

Enter Stuck - by Oliver Jeffers

stuck oliver jeffers book review
Floyd get's his kite stuck in a tree and his methods for freeing it are hysterical. Stuck is an incredibly refreshing story with some nice twists that will have both you and your child giggling throughout the not-too-long tale. 

The illustrations are amazing (Jeffers is an artist turned author) and they speak to a child's imagination perfectly. One of our mommy testers uses Stuck as a go to bedtime book for sending her child to sleep in a good mood.

The best price we found was at Amazon.com for about $11 with free shipping right here:Check out Stuck
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