April 11, 2012

Step2 Sand & Water Table

If you have a toddler and a backyard (or even a small patio) you MUST have a Step2 Play Up Adjustable Sand Water Table.

Our Mommy Testers can't say enough good things about this product. We don't believe in buying sand boxes because it's the same sand-coated-child issue you have at the beach. This design keeps the sand in the table and out of your child's clothes

Not only is it height adjustable so that a child who is just starting to stand or a 4 year old can play in comfort but it comes with lots of extras like:

-a cover to keep out rain, leaves and bugs
-bridges for water play and some basic sand toys
-a colorful umbrella to shield your little one from the sun.

One of our Mommy Testers has had hers for nearly 2 years (best birthday gift ever!) and still gets play several times a week for an hour+ each time.  Her tip is to only use either sand or water with very young children, otherwise they will turn it into sand goop in no time.

The lowest price we found was $69.99 with  free shipping (yay!)  at Amazon.com right here: Step2 Play Up Adjustable Sand Water Table

If you live in a windy place you will need to be prepared to replace the umbrella after a season or two, but that is the only flaw we could find!

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