April 24, 2012

Skip Hop Soapster - not just for the tub!

Our Mommy Testers have been following Skip Hop since they released their very first diaper bag nearly a decade ago. Skip Hop has always been known for marrying form and function in baby and kid's products.

You can't walk into a preschool or playground without stumbling upon one of their very viral Zoo Lunchies or Zoo Packs .

Our Mommy Testers were pretty excited when we came across one of the newest products from Skip Hop called the Soapster . The Soapster is an adorable penguin who sticks to the wall of your bathtub or shower. You or your child can push his little orange belly to release foaming soap.

To correctly fill the Soapster Skip Hop gives clear directions to remove the top (his head...ouch!) fill halfway with water and then the rest with the liquid soap of your choice.  You'll then need to stir the mixture together with the included stirrer, pop his head back on a and you are ready to wall mount him.  Skip Hop gives you 3 options for mounting the Soapster - suction cups, adhesive strips or screw mounting.

We always like to start off with the least destructive mounting option and went with the suction cups.  One of our Kid Testers did manage to pull the Soapster off the wall once with the suction cups, however in all fairness she was desperately trying to hug him at the time!  We re-stuck him to the wall and he has stayed there since.  If you have textured tile or an odd surface in your tub you might want to consider using the wall plate.

His belly requires a firm but not too difficult push to dispense the soap.  We think this is a good thing because if it was too easy he would quickly become a bath toy and a waste of soap.  Our Kid Testers think the Soapster is pretty neat and know that he contains the "soap that doesn't sting."

The Soapster Heads Outside....

After a couple of weeks of using the Soapster in the bathroom with much success our Mommy Testers had a brilliant (we think) idea of getting a second Soapster , filling it with foaming hand sanitizer and mounting it by the door to the backyard.  We chose BabyGanics Alchohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer and it worked like a charm.

Now when our Kid Testers come inside from playing they know the routine and get a squirt of hand sanitizer from their penguin friend before coming in the house.  If we had a 3rd Soapster we would mount him in the garage to tackle the relentless germs coming in from school.

The Soapster runs about $20.00and The BabyGanics Alchohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer costs about $6.00 a bottle.  They are both available right here:Soapster, BabyGanics Alchohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer  

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