April 20, 2012

SippiGrip - Don't Leave Home Without It

No, seriously - don't!

With the prices of baby gear skyrocketing (Hello $1200 stroller - accessories not included) We can't think of a reason why any parent should be without some of the Booginhead products like the SippiGrip which sells for about $6

The SippiGrip is a strap that attaches to your child's stroller or car seat with one velcro loop and on the other end of the strap it can hold a bottle, sippy cup or toy. There are other similar products out there but what makes the SippiGrip different and in our opinions the BEST is:

1)  The gripping material that is inside the loop which wraps around the cup or bottle. 

It keeps the cup completely in place.  The loop is fully adjustable to accommodate any size bottle or sippy cup.  

2) The adjustable strap that lets you change the overall length of the SippiGrip

If you are using an umbrella stroller which sits close to the ground you can make the strap shorter so nothing will drag. Even if your child does throw their bottle or cup as hard as their little arms can it still won't hit the ground.

3) Our babies and toddlers were never able to undo the super strong velcro that is used to keep the loop around the cup closed.

It's remarkably strong.  After years of use they haven't lost much sticking power either.  Impressive!

You can also use the to tether a toy or teether to your stroller.  A few of us had 2 on the stroller, one on each side so we could have a cup and a toy or soft book secured. 

Lastly, when one of our Mommy Tester's child got to be about 2 she could let him walk next to the stroller on the way to the park to give him the freedom he wanted and would have him hold the empty SippiGrip loop to keep him at an arms length.  

This was one of our most favorite versatile bargain products for our babies and toddlers and still is.  We give them to every mother to be  and consider it a baby registry must have! 

The SippiGrip comes in a whole array of colors for boys and girls.  It's available at Amazon.com for about $6 right here: SippiGrip
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