April 11, 2012

Perplexus - The 3D Puzzle

How to keep a 6 year old entertained for HOURS??  With a Perplexus of course!

We recently presented this as a distraction to one of our Kid Testers while the Mommy Testers unpacked the car upon arriving at our Spring break destination.  With about 30 seconds of explaining how it worked he was on his way to excitement, frustration and some nice patience, problem solving and motor skills practice.

You start the metal ball at a certain point and gently lead it through the maze turning and moving the whole puzzle to keep the ball on the track.  There are several points that were fairly difficult - even for us and required adult help.

We realized that while the Perplexus  model above is the one commonly found on the shelves in toy stores we would have probably purchased the Perplexus Rookie pictured below which is harder to find in stores but meant for ages 6-10 and would have required less parental help.
Our Kid Tester got pretty hooked on the Perplexus which was a nice change of pace from the Nintendo and iPad overload.  He did not want to put it down all weekend and we were just fine with that.

It went nearly everywhere with him and helped make the car ride home go by faster as well.  We will be gifting these at future holidays and birthdays.  The grown ups get quite a kick out of them too!

You can find the Perplexus Rookie on Amazon.com for about $18 with free shipping right here:  Perplexus Rookie

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