April 14, 2012

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Sand Toys

We have been buying Melissa & Doug products for so long that the kids we started buying them for are now in high school (yikes!)  Along the way there have been many fantastic and timeless toys and puzzles we have picked up.

One of our recent reviews was about the Step2 Play Up Adjustable Sand Water Table and we talked about how with some added toys it has true staying power. 

Sunny Patch Baking Set
In the selfish pursuit of getting time to read a magazine while our toddlers played outside we bought the Sunny Patch Baking Set , the Sunny Patch Ice Cream Set and the Sunny Patch Cupcake Set

Throughout a full year of daily use, abuse, being left outside sitting in the sun or drowning in water every single piece has not only survived but shows no real signs of wear. Impressive!

Admittedly prior to this we had been cheaping out - buying the sand toys in the Summer play aisle at Target for $1 and watching the orange handles fade to yellow after a few weeks of sun.  They also broke easily once they had been exposed to the elements for a while.

Sunny Patch Ice Cream Set
True - you are probably supposed to take better care of them but really?  Who has time to worry about properly storing sand toys when you are trying to change diapers, work, tend to the never ending laundry backup and get a dinner you won't be ashamed of on the table?

Sunny Patch Cupcake Set
The Sunny Patch sets immediately transformed the Step2 Play Up Adjustable Sand Water Table from a regular sand table into a creative kitchen, baking business and full service ice cream shop with a variety of toppings like crushed leaves and twigs.  When we bring them to the beach or the park the Kid Testers need to be prepared to do a lot of sharing with other curious kids.

They have become a staple that our kids keep coming back to and surprisingly they STILL do not seem to get old.  They are sturdy, have not faded one bit and the whisk from the baking set even survived a run in with a large dog and came out okay. 

We think the Sunny Patch Baking Set and the Sunny Patch Ice Cream Set are a little better than the Sunny Patch Cupcake Set with regards to how much they get used and the creative possibilities provided but they all did and still do get regular use (and abuse) and for the price of appx $13 each they are a great value and the least expensive babysitter you might ever come across!

They are all available right here: Sunny Patch Baking Set Sunny Patch Ice Cream Set Sunny Patch Cupcake Set 
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