April 16, 2012

eeBoo Story Cards

We can think of so many scenarios in which you are sitting there with a small child and need a portable way to QUIETLY entertain them without pulling the dreaded move of handing over your smart phone and indulging them in the electronic sugar rush -at the Doctor's office, an airplane, waiting in a restaurant... the list goes on and on.

Tell Me a Story Cards by eeBoo come in a sturdy little box and have 36 illustrated cards with different scenes that make for great story starters amongst other activities.

They come in a few different themes - at least one of which will be very appealing to most kids.  There are Fairy Tale Cards, Little Robot Cards,and  Mystery in the Forest Cards

Tell Me a Story Cards are recommended for ages 3+  We used them with a group of kids ages 3,5 and 6 and they were each able to enjoy them in different ways.

Here is how we used them:

First we let our Kid Testers shuffle through them and choose their favorite scenes.  When they had done that we let them tell us what they thought was happening in the pictures and added in some pointers for some thing they did not notice.

After that we took a few cards and talked about them, assembling them into a story for the kids and piecing together the different actions and characters on the cards and letting the kids know how each character knew one another. 

When we were done telling a story with our cards we let the kids take their cards and try to tell us a story in the same manner - relating the different cards and putting together a plot.

The Tell Me a Story Cards make fabulous sequencing tools, and help kinds figure out what must have happened first, second, last etc.  You can choose specific cards out of the deck for these purposes and allow your child to figure out the sequence.  

These cards remind us of the choose your own adventure books only far more creative and cute. There are lots of possible permutations and while there are themes that are clear to adults they can always be lead in a different direction through the imagination of a child.

At around $10 a set they are a pretty reasonably priced option for some creative fun and make wonderful travel activities, stocking stuffers, grab bag gifts or gifts for smaller holidays.  You will get LOTS of use out of these!

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