April 13, 2012

Citiblocs - Little Builders Rattle Blocks

In a world which feels filled with plastic building sets dominated by licensed characters it's refreshing to find some choices out there that remind us more of the blocks when we were kids minus the lead filled paints and ability to give a toddler a concussion on impact!

citiblocs citiblocs little builders rattle blocks review
Citiblocs has building sets for older kids but our favorite product they make is the Little Builders Rattle Blocks for ages 2+

The Little Builders Rattle Blocks come in a self storing bucket which seems to be a rarity these days.  Each set has 22 blocks, 10 of which are hollow and have a variety of objects inside to make different sounds.  There are also roof top blocks, some square blocks and stair blocks.

Overall it's a simple, cute toy.  What we love about it is the imaginative play it creates.  Within minutes we had a 3 and 4 year old assembling a city, and having it taken over by their plastic dinosaurs and miniature LaLaloopsy dolls. 

citiblocs citiblocs little builders rattle blocks review When they were done with that it turned into making Jenga style towers and encouraging the family dog to knock them over so they could rebuild. 

After that the Rattle Blocks became maracas and they did laps around the house shaking them and chasing each other.

All in all we were beyond pleased with the play options of  these blocks and purchased a second set so our Kid Testers could create multiple cities. 

At about $35 MSRP a set these blocks are not the cheapest option out there, but if you are thinking green then it's nice to know that Little Builders Rattle Blocks  are made from renewable pine and use non-toxic paints.  Each piece is carefully sanded to ensure that there are no rough edges.  These are all factors that we like to take into consideration when making a purchase.

The best price we found so far for the Little Builders Rattle Blocks was on good old Amazon.com for about $29 right here: Little Builders Rattle Blocks

Happy building!

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