April 30, 2012

Buggy Bagg Fits Them All

When you become a mother it's amazing how the places you find yourself frequenting are so different from the ones you visited prior to giving birth.  The most noticeable change (aside from leaving the house less in general) is that you constantly find yourself in places with shopping carts.

Target, Costco, Whole Foods, Trader Joes...at least for us it felt like most of the the time we were either pushing a stroller or a shopping cart.  Goodbye to the relaxing afternoons of browsing for cute shoes with no time frame to follow and  hello to schlepping giant packs of diapers and baby wipes and hunting for organic crackers.

It doesn't take a news report to know how gross and germy your average shopping cart or restaurant high chair is these days, though there are plenty out there to scare you.  Plus you have probably cringed while watching someone's child lick the shopping cart while waiting in line  and swore you would never let that happen to your own.

When one of our Mommy Testers received a Buggy Bagg as a baby shower gift it started a trend of giving them that has continued on.  There are a bunch of options out there when it comes to cart and high chair covers.  What makes the Buggy Bagg a little different is:

The Buggy Bagg is bulkier than some competing products but is currently the only cover that will fit on a Costco cart.  If you live in a very urban area this might not matter, but if you visit those warehouse stores with the huge shopping carts you are going to want to choose this brand.

The Buggy Bagg is very plush and has a detachable pillow that sits close to the handle of the shopping cart.  Why is this important?  Because at some point your child will doze off or throw a tantrum  mid-shop and do a face plant into it.  You will be so happy it was the pillow and not just a thin fabric covered steel bar at that very moment.

Buggy Bagg also comes with a nice large pocket to stash snacks, wipes, keys or whatever you want in it.  We were able to leave a diaper bag behind when running errands and just bring this.

Like some other brands, the Buggy Bagg has elastic loops to secure sippy cups or Snack Catchers (which are indispensable) and it also has straps to secure toys or stroller books.  The Buggy Bagg also has 2 safety straps so you can not only secure your child to the Buggy Bagg, but you can also secure the it to the cart or high chair so your wiggle worm stays put!

The Buggy Bagg comes in a bunch of different prints and sells for about $65.  You can find it right here: Buggy Bagg 

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