May 28, 2012

Aqueduck - A Brilliant Toddler Must Have

We told you about the Aqueduck before but if you missed our review then here it is along with a great giveaway including the Aqudeuck and other great products courtesy of

If you have a toddler or have even taken care of one for a day, then you are familiar with the struggles of hand washing.  First of all,  they don't particularly love doing it and have to be reminded constantly.  Second, even with the aid of a step stool you often wind up having to lift them up just to be able to get their hands under the water.  The bottom line is it's uncomfortable for all parties involved.

Aqueduck in Aqua Color
Enter the Aqueduck by Peachy, a forehead smacking "Why on Earth didn't I think of this!!" mom-invented product.  It consists of a duck bill shaped faucet extender that slips right on over your faucet and allows the flow of water to reach much closer to where your child is positioned.  It completely eliminates the need to perform the over-the-sink-hover that we are all too familiar with.

We did the 3 second install of the Aqueduck while our toddler tester was at school.  All you do is smush the sides of the aqua colored part in a bit and slip it over the faucet of your sink.  The aqua (or pink) part is silicone like and stretches to fit securely and stay on.   The only instance in which this could be difficult is if you have really awkwardly shaped faucet.

Upon arrival at home and being forced to wash her hands before eating a snack we heard "Mom, look at what I got!  It's just for me!" She was so excited that it was one of the first times we didn't have to lecture her about rubbing the soap in and rinsing thoroughly.

Our Modified Aqueduck
Since we can never just let things be the way they are and because our toddler tester fell so in love with the Aqueduck we decided to use some googly eyes and add to his personality.  We just purchased them in a craft store and hot glued them on.  

The Aqueduck really is a wonderfully thought out and practical solution to an age old problem.  If the Aqueduck itself wasn't enough, Peachy  also gives you a little temporary tattoo of their cute little mascot.  We decided to use it as a reward after a week of remembering to wash hands without any parental reminders.  Our little Toddler Tester just earned hers and is all too excited about it.

Pink Aqueduck with tattoo
The Aqueduck comes in Aqua, Pink and for parents who are concerned about making all their sinks look like the kids took over a nicely camouflaged  silver color.  We only wish they were installed in every public restroom - maybe one day!

You can purchase the Aqueduck for the very reasonable price of $12.99 from Peachy right here: Purchase the Aqueduck 

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