April 13, 2012

Angry Birds for your little Birdie

Okay it's official.   Angry Birds has taken over the world!

How do we know this?  For one thing, one of our Kid Testers has a grandma who is addicted and glued to her iPhone playing it.

 Another - Swaddle Designs is now making a whole collection of Angry Birds baby products.  At first we thought - cute! And wow - those angry birds are everywhere.

 Then our Big Kid and Toddler Testers saw the Angry Birds zzZipMe Sack and were beyond excited.

When we say beyond excited we mean "Mom can I please help put that on the baby" excited.  You can see where this is going....

Becoming a big brother or sister is tough. We think the Angry Birds collection is a pretty clever way of making that small person who just stole the spotlight a little more appealing to their older sibling...at least until they start stealing their toys. 

Not familiar with Swaddle Designs?  In a world filled with drool our Mommy Testers have used their Baby Burpies as our "fancy" ones -the ones we would rather be caught with draped over our shoulders in public.

They are known for their modern graphic designs and top quality fabrics. It's safe to say that no baby registry or baby shower is complete without a burp cloth or blanket from Swaddle Designs.

The Angry Birds collection is available direct from Swaddle Designs here: http://www.swaddledesigns.com/AngryBirdsBaby

The Baby Burpies are appx $20 for a set of 2 and the Angry Birds zzZipMe Sack is appx $38

You can also find them on Amazon.com here: Baby Burpies  & Angry Birds zzZipMe Sack

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