April 30, 2012

Buggy Bagg Fits Them All

When you become a mother it's amazing how the places you find yourself frequenting are so different from the ones you visited prior to giving birth.  The most noticeable change (aside from leaving the house less in general) is that you constantly find yourself in places with shopping carts.

Target, Costco, Whole Foods, Trader Joes...at least for us it felt like most of the the time we were either pushing a stroller or a shopping cart.  Goodbye to the relaxing afternoons of browsing for cute shoes with no time frame to follow and  hello to schlepping giant packs of diapers and baby wipes and hunting for organic crackers.

It doesn't take a news report to know how gross and germy your average shopping cart or restaurant high chair is these days, though there are plenty out there to scare you.  Plus you have probably cringed while watching someone's child lick the shopping cart while waiting in line  and swore you would never let that happen to your own.

When one of our Mommy Testers received a Buggy Bagg as a baby shower gift it started a trend of giving them that has continued on.  There are a bunch of options out there when it comes to cart and high chair covers.  What makes the Buggy Bagg a little different is:

The Buggy Bagg is bulkier than some competing products but is currently the only cover that will fit on a Costco cart.  If you live in a very urban area this might not matter, but if you visit those warehouse stores with the huge shopping carts you are going to want to choose this brand.

The Buggy Bagg is very plush and has a detachable pillow that sits close to the handle of the shopping cart.  Why is this important?  Because at some point your child will doze off or throw a tantrum  mid-shop and do a face plant into it.  You will be so happy it was the pillow and not just a thin fabric covered steel bar at that very moment.

Buggy Bagg also comes with a nice large pocket to stash snacks, wipes, keys or whatever you want in it.  We were able to leave a diaper bag behind when running errands and just bring this.

Like some other brands, the Buggy Bagg has elastic loops to secure sippy cups or Snack Catchers (which are indispensable) and it also has straps to secure toys or stroller books.  The Buggy Bagg also has 2 safety straps so you can not only secure your child to the Buggy Bagg, but you can also secure the it to the cart or high chair so your wiggle worm stays put!

The Buggy Bagg comes in a bunch of different prints and sells for about $65.  You can find it right here: Buggy Bagg 

April 27, 2012

Wett Giggles - Turn Dirty Hands into Fun!

Have you ever been playing with your child and looked down at their little fingers to realize you just became that mother - the one who has a kid with grubby, dirt filled fingernails?

We admit it, nearly all of us have and naturally it tends to happen while talking to that very judgmental mom whose child has never been spotted with a hair out of place or boogers dripping from their nose..sigh.

A little while back we discovered Wett Giggles soap and it has helped us tackle dirty nails while producing plenty of smiles and giggles.

Each bar of Wett Giggles glycerin soap comes with an incredibly sweet looking  animal nail brush stuck right inside of the bar.  In order to release the animal our Kid Testers  had to do a lot of hand washing, and they were more than happy to.

All of the animals have their own fruity (but not overpowering) scents.  Hamlet the frog smells like watermelon.  Ophelia the duck smells like fresh lemons.

We like that they are made without all of the unpronounceable chemicals that are found in mass produced products and we love even more that our children have an incentive to wash their hands and keep those little fingers nice and clean.

If that's not enough then you should know that Wett Giggles donates $1 for every bar purchased to a variety of charities.  At $6.50 per bar or 2 for $10 we think it's a deal that you can feel good about.

 You can find Wett Giggles soap right here:  Wett Giggles

April 26, 2012

Aqueduck Strikes Again -With a Towel

Aqueduck review Aqueduck towel review
Earlier this week we brought you a glowing review about the Aqueduck from Peachy.  If you missed it you can see it right here:Aqueduck review  It's not often that we will discuss two products from the same company so close together.  This time we just can't help it!

If your kids are anything like ours then after they dry their hands in the bathroom you'll find your hand towels in a pile on the floor.  If you're extra lucky, you might find them in more interesting places like the living room or toy chest where they get discarded after a nice drag from the bathroom.

At the same time we installed the Aqueduck we also hung up the Aqueduck hand towel.  The Aqueduck Hand Towel is not your average hand towel.  It's a very plush micro fiber and has a chenille baby blanket feel to it  The Peachy Aqueduck mascot on top of it is a nice reminder to your little one to dry their hands after washing with the Aqueduck

What makes the Aqueduck Hand Towel so unique is that it has a hole near the top which allows you to loop it through itself .  Now your child cannot pull it down from the towel ring or bar when they dry their hands!  Ours did try and then proclaimed that it was stuck, dried their hands and moved on to the next activity.

Our only regret is not buying more of them!

The Aqueduck Hand Towel  is available from Peachy directly on their website.  It's on sale right now for just $9.99  right here:  Aqueduck Hand Towel

April 25, 2012

3 Sprouts Hooded Towels

3 sprouts hooded towel, 3 sprouts chicken towel, 3 sprouts reviewWe discovered 3 Sprouts Hooded Towels while planning a baby shower.  The mom to be had a silly sense of humor and we were trying to come up with some neat gifts that not only looked cute for a baby but that would be appealing to the parents as well.

The Chicken has plenty of personality! The instant we saw it, we had to buy it.  It's pretty much impossible to look this towel in the face and not crack up.  It has a 3D nose that makes for the cutest pictures and the chicken was without question the guest star of the baby shower.

3 sprouts hooded towel, 3 sprouts hippo towel, 3 sprouts review3 Sprouts Towels are made from spa grade terry.  We can say from experience that these are cozier  than any other animal hooded towels we have tried...and we have tried plenty!  Each towel is terry lined on the inside and knit cotton backed on the outside giving them a blanket-like feeling.

The chicken has held up through 7+ months of daily use and regular laundering, so it certainly meets our quality standards.  It dries relatively quickly and so far and still has the perpetually surprised look on its face.

There are a bunch to choose from - hippo, warthog, monkey, elephant, walrus and tiger.  Each has an adorable look and measures 31" square to fit a baby into toddler-hood.

3 Sprouts Towels are available for about $34 right here: 3 Sprouts Towels
3 spouts caddy, 3 sprouts bee, 3 sprouts review
Did we mention that they also make a super cute Storage Caddy for blankets, toys or even art supplies? We even used one as an Easter basket!

You can find the 3 Sprouts Storage Caddy for about $22 right here: Storage Caddy

April 24, 2012

Skip Hop Soapster - not just for the tub!

Our Mommy Testers have been following Skip Hop since they released their very first diaper bag nearly a decade ago. Skip Hop has always been known for marrying form and function in baby and kid's products.

You can't walk into a preschool or playground without stumbling upon one of their very viral Zoo Lunchies or Zoo Packs .

Our Mommy Testers were pretty excited when we came across one of the newest products from Skip Hop called the Soapster . The Soapster is an adorable penguin who sticks to the wall of your bathtub or shower. You or your child can push his little orange belly to release foaming soap.

To correctly fill the Soapster Skip Hop gives clear directions to remove the top (his head...ouch!) fill halfway with water and then the rest with the liquid soap of your choice.  You'll then need to stir the mixture together with the included stirrer, pop his head back on a and you are ready to wall mount him.  Skip Hop gives you 3 options for mounting the Soapster - suction cups, adhesive strips or screw mounting.

We always like to start off with the least destructive mounting option and went with the suction cups.  One of our Kid Testers did manage to pull the Soapster off the wall once with the suction cups, however in all fairness she was desperately trying to hug him at the time!  We re-stuck him to the wall and he has stayed there since.  If you have textured tile or an odd surface in your tub you might want to consider using the wall plate.

His belly requires a firm but not too difficult push to dispense the soap.  We think this is a good thing because if it was too easy he would quickly become a bath toy and a waste of soap.  Our Kid Testers think the Soapster is pretty neat and know that he contains the "soap that doesn't sting."

The Soapster Heads Outside....

After a couple of weeks of using the Soapster in the bathroom with much success our Mommy Testers had a brilliant (we think) idea of getting a second Soapster , filling it with foaming hand sanitizer and mounting it by the door to the backyard.  We chose BabyGanics Alchohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer and it worked like a charm.

Now when our Kid Testers come inside from playing they know the routine and get a squirt of hand sanitizer from their penguin friend before coming in the house.  If we had a 3rd Soapster we would mount him in the garage to tackle the relentless germs coming in from school.

The Soapster runs about $20.00and The BabyGanics Alchohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer costs about $6.00 a bottle.  They are both available right here:Soapster, BabyGanics Alchohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer  

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